the TrailBraker ATD, the industry’s most effective self-arming semi-trailer anti-theft device - a 'first line of defence' system that prevents unauthorized coupling to your semi-trailers.

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At left, the Skirt Nut - the trucking industry's toughest, safest flange nut for use on hub-piloted disc wheels using 22mm studs.  Approved for use with aluminum or steel wheels, on all wheel positions, in any service from highway long haul to cement haulage and waste packers.  Skirt Nut meets and exceeds the standards of SAE J1965.  Skirt Nut is manufactured to the highest quality standards - accepted by all truck and trailer manufacturers.  Improve your Tire Mileage.  Reduce your Fuel Costs.  Drive comfortably and safely with Skirt Nut.
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Safety Trigo. Inc. is a Canadian company that develops, manufactures, markets and sells innovative safety, security and performance products for the heavy duty trucking industry.
Our products include the Skirt Nut®, trucking’s safest, most secure 22mm wheel nut for hub-piloted disk wheels,  Hol-D-Dor, the trucking industry's toughest trailer door holdback (guaranteed for two full years), Pozi-Flo - the first fully automatic dispenser for injecting the required dosage of additives such as anti-gels and anti-bacterial formulae directly into your truck's fuel system, and . . .
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