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If you spot our rolling billboards on any highway across America, visit our website at the listed address, www.safetytrigo.com, or call:
Our new rolling billboards travel the highways of the United States, Canada and Mexico, taking our important message to truck operators and owners everywhere.  Equally importantly, we are carrying the message to everyone using those highways - the trucking industry is concerned about your safety! 

For everyone, our message is:

EASY - Skirt Nut installs easily as a direct, spin-on replacement of old-style flange nuts; 

SMOOTH - Skirt Nut makes sure your wheels run concentrically to the hubs, delivering a smooth, vibration-free ride at every wheel position; 

SAFE - Skirt Nut does what other wheel nuts just won't - they keep your wheels on your trucks. 

And finally, we
GUARANTEE it like no other - an 8-year warranty when installed correctly (one nut per stud) and a $1 million insurance policy to protect operators against wheel loss liability!
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