Distribution Details
Distribution overview for products manufactured or sold by Safety Trigo. Inc.

Safety Trigo. Inc. products are manufactured in North America and distributed as follows:

1.  To Original Equipment Manufacturers:  Sold directly and shipped to each plant location from the closest STI warehouse location in Canada or the US.

2.  To Truck or Trailer dealer networks (Service Parts):  Sold directly, billed to the main billing location and shipped directly to each receiving location from the closest STI warehouse in Canada or the US.

3.  To selected National and/or Government Accounts:  Contract prices apply, product shipped and invoiced directly to account or via a participating Distributor as determined at time of contract negotiation.

4.  To the aftermarket:  Sold directly to Distributors and shipped to each designated receiving location as required.  Large volume Dealers who may qualify for direct purchases will be shipped from the closest warehouse.  Small volume dealers will be directed to the closest Distributor.
Main Warehouse Location:

Safety Trigo. Inc.
70 Ward Rd., Unit B
Brampton, ON  Canada  L6S 4L5 

For the Distributor or Dealer nearest you, contact us at
TEL/FAX  519-968-2523
or info@safetytrigo.com.
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